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Pharmacist about LTO3, appeared in supplement "The Brain" in De Telegraaf

The following article on LTO3 appeared on 21 May 2013

The article is an interview with a pharmacist in Dordrecht. She tells about her experiences with LTO3 in her pharmacy and the reactions of people.

Article about LTO3 in De Telegraaf
Nature helps with concentration problems
Appendix -The Brain- from the Telegraaf
The Brain

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  1. hello
    my son is not officially add
    but has everything
    would lto3 help?
    he is struggling at school work is not coming off
    he has medication but we don't think it helps
    he is around 35 kilos is two capsules a day enough ??

  2. Is the fish roe you use purified of harmful substances (plastics and heavy metals) that are very commonly found in fish?

  3. Hello, I ordered lto3 for my son. In the leaflet it says that you cannot have breakfast with milk and sugar. In itself this is not a problem but bread also contains a (very small) percentage of sugar. Can he just eat this in the morning, or do you recommend something completely different?

    1. Hello Mae,
      This will not be a problem. In particular, if really sugary products are consumed around the time of LTO3 intake, this can interfere with optimal absorption.

  4. best can i take vit b12 supplement? and also other supplements? or better not?
    thank you in advance for the info

  5. after taking 2 capsules for 4 days, I still have a headache and a dull, delayed feeling. because of my high sensitivity, I had taken 1 less. should I try taking 1capsule or wait and see if I get used to it?

    1. With high sensitivity, such symptoms sometimes occur in the beginning. It is then recommended to dose on only 1 or even half a capsule for a while. Then slowly build up to the regular dose. These effects are often an indication that the body is responding well to the LTO3, resulting in positive effects over time.

      1. hi, i am also an hsp'r (with add). i started taking 3 at a time yesterday. i don't really notice any difference yet except that i am a bit more tired. but not in an annoying way. other than that, i don't really notice anything. should i just keep on taking 3 every day?

        1. It may take a while for the effect to kick in properly; the fact that you feel a bit tired is a good sign that LTO3 is doing its job. You can go back to 2 or even 1 capsule for a while and slowly build up to the recommended dosage.

  6. For highly sensitive people I would take a dose of 1/4th to 1/2th of a pill, by pouring part of the contents of a pill into your glass. You may also notice, for example by a headache, that you have taken too much, so this is probably not due to fatigue. You should also drink less or no coffee, as you prefer, when using LTO3. (Usually 1 or 2 pills are advised to be taken, while for some people this is actually too much, so it is important to feel how much feels right to you. You can also take more as soon as it starts to wear off. This doesn't have to be the same amount as the first dose, you can also take a smaller amount with a second dose, because you still have active substances in your body. Your initial dose does not always have to remain the same either, and you can increase it after a few weeks or months, according to your own feelings.

    By the way, LTO-3 is also very good against panic attacks 🙂

    ~ LTO-3 User

  7. Hello,
    I have belching (bad fish taste) after taking it on an empty stomach, even if I eat 10 minutes later. Can this be remedied with an equally good effect?

  8. Hi
    I have a question: I take it in the morning around 6am and notice that it wears off by the end of the afternoon or evening.
    If I have to work an evening shift, can I take extra to feel better in the evening? And how many pills can I take if that is possible?

    Greetings Cynthia

    1. Certainly Cynthia, the effect of LTO3 lasts on average about 10 hours. If you also want an evening effect, you can take 2 more at the end of the afternoon.

  9. I have heard that it is good to stop taking LTO3 occasionally for a few (6) weeks so that the effect is not reduced, is this true and should this be done?

    1. Hi Nathalie, the LTO3 no-taste uses very high-quality fish oil that is encapsulated in a special way to reduce the fishy taste. It is not Sementis, but because of the high quality organic ingredients and special form of processing it works for most people the same as the regular LTO3.

  10. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I was given dexamphetamine for it. I had a serious adverse effect and/or reaction to that. I also stopped taking it immediately. That is why I am now very reluctant to try other ADHD drugs.
    Started taking Griffonia Complex 5-HTP from Solgar and L-Theanine Herringbone Formula from It's Pure a few days ago (sorry for the brand names. But want to be clear which ones I am using now).
    Could I take LTO3 in addition? Or is that too much? And could that also backfire?
    I want so much peace in my body and head

    1. Hi Jolanda, you can use the LTO3 alongside it but I would recommend that you try only the LTO3 to save on costs.
      After all, if this proves to work sufficiently, you can leave the other supplements alone.

  11. Hsp'ers may experience side effects in the beginning, but which ones? Are you talking about stomach ache or other pain or more anxiety?

    1. Hi Lotte,
      This varies. Some people experience some fatigue or lethargy. Aches and pains can also occur. This does indicate that LTO3 is catching on and doing its job. Give it a few days. This will improve after which you will experience the positive effects of LTO3.

      1. I had also experienced this (tiredness and forgetfulness) after 3 weeks of use no more problems with this, better concentrated all day and less tired of all kinds of stimuli.

    1. Hi Christine, many people do that without any problems and no side effects have been reported. You can always ask your doctor.

  12. Hello, I regularly take lt03 and this goes well. I have a question: my father suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Can this medicine do anything for him? Is there any risk or sense in giving it to him?

  13. Hello,
    My 7-year-old son has concentration problems, and at school they want me to do an ADHD test since it is becoming more difficult to pay attention in class.
    I personally am against medication.
    I did some research on the internet and came across LTO3.
    Can my 7-year-old son take this?
    Are there any possible side effects?
    Is it available from pharmacies or only on the Internet?
    We live in Belgium, do you know where I can buy this or get more information?
    Thank you in advance,

      1. hello i was wondering if the medication worked for your son because i also have a 7 year old son with the same problems. he has also been tested and has adhd but i don't want to put him on the ritalin hence my question.
        Please let me know

    1. It has not been officially tested, but lto3 is completely doping-free. I know that many top athletes use lto3 and they always pass the doping test without any problems.

    1. Hi Fleur, lto3 can be taken during pregnancy. But you can ask your doctor, just to be sure, and tell him the ingredients.

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