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Ordering LTO3 and more information

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The best way to buy LTO3 from the official authorised distributor. They have years of expertise on LTO3 and are in direct contact with the manufacturer. You can also always buy LTO3 there at the lowest price. They offer customers good aftercare, for example if you need some extra help with finding the right dosage. They deliver with free shipping from 2 jars of LTO3. This also applies to their other supplements.

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emotional and mental well-being through LTO3

LTO3 is an extremely pure and high quality natural and ecological product from Canada. It has been produced there since 2004. Later, it was also quite exclusively marketed in Europe, thanks to the official distributor who opened his doors here to sell LTO3. They have years of expertise and are in direct contact with the producer. They guarantee good aftercare, for example if you still have questions or are looking for the right dosage.

LTO3 stands for L-Theanine Omega 3, but contains more ingredients. It is used by many people with great success for a variety of complaints. It has been shown to help people mainly in the areas of mood, sensitivity to stimuli, concentration and relaxation. For many people, it also improves their sleep. Due to new legislation, we are no longer allowed to specify the exact symptoms or syndromes for which LTO3 can help.

There are no known side effects of LTO3, other than that sometimes the body has to get used to it in the beginning. This may result in some fatigue for a few days. There are no known interactions with other drugs and it can be safely used by small children from the age of 3 years. LTO3 is also not addictive.

Happy life with LTO3

The effect of LTO3 kicks in about 30-40 minutes after ingestion. Thereafter, LTO3 continues to work for about 8-12 hours during the day.

With some people, it may be that LTO3 does not kick in right on the first day. This happens in about 20% of cases. In this case, it may take up to 2 weeks for the body to become accustomed to LTO3 and for the effect to be maximised. In some cases it can even take up to 6 weeks before the effect is optimal.

In the other 80% of people, LTO3 usually works immediately on the first day or after a few days.

Would you like to read more about the Ingredients in the LTO3 capsules? Then look at here.

For Answers to frequently asked questions about LTO3 look at here.

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    Our son (13y) was recently diagnosed with ADD.
    Methylphenidate will be started.
    Specifically, equasym with the long-term effect (slow release): dosage for school.
    Afterwards, rilatine in low dose for the evening (study).
    1. Could LTO3 replace that rilatine? In short, m 16h-16h30 a dose of LTO3 in its place?
    2. Quid with interacte between TO3 e methylphenidate?
    3. Equasym also peaks in the afternoon and its effect diminishes after 7 am. In short, the last lesson will always fall outside in terms of concentration: can LTO3 be taken before the last lesson (3 pm) and evening study?

    1. There are people who report that LTO3 worked well and enabled them to reduce their medication; always do this in consultation with the doctor. Don't just experiment with reducing medication yourself.

  2. When using 3 x lto3 per day, I get a stomach ache.
    At first, with 2x lto3, I had no problems. Is this normal?

    1. It is best to stick to a low dose for a while. It is possible that your body does not react well to one of the ingredients or it is a reaction that could have something to do with high sensitivity. The best thing to do is to keep the dosage low and if it is stable try taking one extra capsule. But if it continues to go well with the low dosage and you benefit sufficiently from it, it may be best to just keep to this dosage.

  3. Hello,
    Do you have any smaller pills/capsules that are tasteless? My children of 12 and 8 can't eat them otherwise. Powders don't work either, unfortunately.


    1. Hello Selma,
      There are no smaller LTO3 capsules. The LTO3 no taste was created especially for this purpose. You can open these capsules and mix them with some food or drink. They have a less strong taste so that could be a possibility.

      1. what are the prices lto3. i see them over all where they are sold for the same price online €39:50

        1. That's right, a jar of LTO3 costs €39.50
          The price may deter but then again, it is a very high quality product with high quality ingredients.
          The manufacturer of LTO3 is Herb-e-Concept in Canada, therefore there are also all kinds of costs such as licences, permits, taxes, shipping, etc to make it possible to/allow LTO3 to be sold in Europe.

    2. Hi, my daughter can't swallow it either. I dissolve it for her in a little water, then it works.

  4. Hey,

    Can I use LTO3 together with melotanin? The leaflet states that your doctor should use sedatives. Do you have any experience with this?

    Please respond.

    Love, Yvonne

  5. you give discounts to frequent purchasers.
    I am a frequent purchaser, but when I want to order again, the discount has already expired. That is not entirely fair. I order a bit more so as not to have to pay the postage. Can't you just give me the multiple order discount without setting a date, so that I can really benefit from the 10 % discount and don't get left behind every time?

    Kind regards Anneke

  6. Good day to you,

    Can I use this medicine for the side effects of PTSD? I am also taking bromazepan, what will I notice if I take both drugs?

    I have heard many positive stories about this drug, even that after some time you can phase out your other medication (in my case bromazepan) yourself. Is this correct?

    yours sincerely,


    1. There are people who report that lto3 helps them with ptsd. It is best that you try this out yourself. There is no guarantee that it will work for everyone, but it may give you the peace of mind you are looking for.
      Lto3 can be used alongside other medicines, but it is always advisable to check with your GP.

  7. Dear Hai,

    I have a question!
    Is LTO3 addiction-sensitive so that at some point you can't live without it?

  8. My son suffers from stimuli at school and was not happy at school. He seems to have a mild form of ADD and some symptoms of NLD. By chance, I heard a mother talking about LTO3. I went to investigate and because of the positive reviews ordered a jar myself. My son is much happier, can cope better with stimuli at school and looks so much happier. From day one, we, the teacher and he himself have noticed the difference. I am extremely grateful and would recommend it to anyone. At first I was quite shocked by the price, but for us it is worth every penny!

  9. My son of 13 years old has adhd. He has been taking medication for 6 months and now his scores are much better. He also complains of muscle pains and he has less appetite. He looks unhealthy. Do you advise me to stop his medication and start LTO3? I thought I would try it first to make sure I am not giving him anything wrong.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hello Nathalie,
      It is not advisable to stop the medication immediately. Always discuss this with a doctor first.
      Lto3 can be safely used alongside medication. Afterwards, it may be possible to reduce the medication.

  10. Best,

    I would like to take lto 3 for my adhd.
    I have some difficulty in processing medication because I lack an enzyme in my liver to break it down correctly.
    Can lto 3 accumulate in my body or is it processed differently?
    I would not like to get an overdose.

    1. Hello Daan,
      Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this.
      I can only say that there are no known contraindications with other medicines or natural remedies.
      Nor are there any serious side effects known from using lto3. At most, there are slight side effects in the beginning.

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