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LTO3 experiences

LTO3 experiences from the Netherlands

LTO3 experiences

Many people report that they have benefited enormously from the natural supplement LTO3. We have placed some of their experiences on this page. Some are from adults, others from children.

In the experiences, some people indicate for which diagnosis they take LTO3 and how it helps them. Some people even indicate that they were able to stop taking specific medications after some time. Unfortunately, due to new legislation, we are not allowed to share this information in the submitted LTO3 experiences. We therefore omit the diagnoses and medication mentioned.

If you also want to share your experience with LTO3 white you can do so via our contact form please send it in. Please indicate whether you want to include your first name, surname and possibly your place of residence.

Below are some LTO3 user experiences:

People about their experience with LTO3

" I can hardly believe it. This morning I gave 2 tablets to my 8-year-old son who has very poor concentration skills, is very hyperactive and highly sensitive. Today, the teacher came out especially with him. I thought, "What has he done now?" Turns out that for the first time he had finished his maths work without prompting..... she was totally amazed. And this afternoon, for the first time in his life, he spent 20 minutes lying quietly on a beanbag in the sunshine, which he normally wouldn't do for a minute..... This is almost too good to be true.... I hope it stays that way. (Experience of Marry van Dijke)

"Our son has been using LTO3 for 3 weeks now and we are very satisfied with it. He had when he ....... (name of medication omitted) He used to suffer a lot from the side effects and regularly felt unfit and now he doesn't have any more. He is also doing well at school so we definitely want to continue using it. Greetings family van 't hof".

"I have started taking LTO3 (last Saturday) and I must say, I am completely surprised, amazed and happy with how LTO3 works. What a fantastic product! Actually from the first 3 capsules I feel much more calm in my head, in my body, more focus, clear, relaxed, less easily irritated, irritated, impatient and less hyper. I am completely amazed!!!" (Experience of Mrs S Barendsen)

"My son who is A... (diagnosis not to be given) has been using LTO3 for about 2 weeks now. He is thirteen years old and uses 2 capsules a day. What I notice is that he is calmer, thinks more and does things now without grumbling. So it has a positive effect. He is also doing well at school." (Experience of Mrs P Hillen)

"We have been using LTO3 for about a month now. We had (and, to be honest, have) our doubts about how it works. However, our son now says that he feels comfortable with it and that he notices a difference when he does not use it for a day. That is why we have placed a new order."

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