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LTO3 composition and working ingredients

Composition LTO3 capsules

LTO3 Composition: 
The LTO3 supplement consists of capsules with L-Theanine from glutamic acids, natural extracts of fish roe (Sementis*) containing 21 - 31% as antioxidant active marine DNA and Glide (Scutellaria lateriflora - only above ground parts).

L-Theanine, fish roe extract (Sementis), Blue Glide, Pullulan (Capsule), separating agent magnesium stearate. (More information on the effects of these ingredients in LTO3 You will find it further down the page)

Contents 1 jar:
90 capsules = 30.24 g

Expiry date:
(see label)

Active ingredients:


100 g

Per 2 capsules
daily dose

Per 3 capsules
daily dose


29,8 g

200 mg

300 mg


29,8 g

200 mg

300 mg


14,9 g

100 mg

150 mg

What does LTO3 do?

Comprehensive information on how the ingredients in LTO3 work


L-Theanine is an amino acid derived from another amino acid, L-Glutamine, and is 100% pure.

LTO3 composition and product information. Original LTO3 jar.

L-Theanine increases dopamine levels (the neurotransmitter of pleasure and reward) and serotonin levels (the main neurotransmitter inhibitor) in the brain, which are severely reduced in stress and overwork.

L-Theanine easily crosses the haematological-encephalopathic barrier and produces a calming effect in the brain.

L-Theanine protects the brain from neurotoxicity induced by glutamate, which is an important factor in degenerative diseases.

L-Theanine induces relaxation without causing drowsiness, which can be verified by the brain creating more alpha waves. Research shows that this improves the brain's ability to concentrate.

Unlike caffeine, it increases the levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain; GABA is a neurotransmitter that contributes to relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

It is rapidly absorbed by the small intestine and transported directly to the brain. An effective dose is between 50 and 200 mg; it takes only 30 to 40 minutes to feel awake and alert. This mental and emotional state lasts for about 8 to 12 hours.

Fish oil in regular LTO3: Sementis

Sementis is a fish roe extract from atlantic wild herring. It contains large amounts of oceanic DNA (21 to 31%), a powerful antioxidant effective against stress and over-fatigue. Sementis also contains Vitamin C (404+/-150μg/100g), Zinc (10-60μg/100g) and Selenium(0,1-2,0μg/100g) Sementis offers an ideal ratio between Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids (36:1); Omega3 : 28.6%, Omega6 :0.8%. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): 8.3% Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA):20.2%

Fish oil in LTO3 'No Taste': Omega 3-DHA powder(-NG)

LTO3 The 'no taste' capsules have been specially developed for people who have difficulty swallowing. They can easily be opened and mixed with something liquid. The advantage is that you will not experience any unpleasant side effects.

The Omega 3-DHA powder(-NG) is encapsulated in microscopic capsules, thus preserving the active elements EPA and DHA, the properties of the fish oil and the purest and best source of Omega 3, while leaving the typical taste and fishy odour with little or no effect. Omega 3-DHA powder(-NG) is a fish oil extract from tuna from ecological fisheries, of the highest quality and purity. Guaranteed without heavy metals or toxins.

Blue Glide (Scutellaria Lateriflora)

The Blue Wort in the capsules serves to support the nervous system and to reduce stress, fears, nervousness and tensions, also in cases of psychological strain. It has a calming effect on physical restlessness.

Dosage LTO3

The recommended dosage of LTO3 goes with body weight

Up to and including 45 kg: 2 capsules in the morning at least 10 minutes before breakfast.
Over 45 kg: 3 capsules in the morning at least 10 minutes before breakfast.

The effect of LTO3 can be felt within 30 to 40 minutes and lasts for 8 to 12 hours.

Please note:
Most people see results immediately on the first day(s), but in some cases it may take several weeks before you notice a positive effect. Be patient and give your body time to get used to LTO3. Remember that LTO3 is a natural product and does not work in the same way as pharmaceuticals. Only after 2 months can conclusions be drawn about the effect of LTO3 and the best dosage. In less than 5% of cases, LTO3 has no effect.

For lto3 experiences you can here rightly so.

View our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about LTO3.

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  1. I eat yoghurt with muesli (one tablespoon) and fruit in the morning.
    Sugar is added to muesli, can I take LTO3 with it?

    1. Hello Diny,
      You can use Lto3 with it, but for optimal effect it is not recommended to use it together with sugar and milk. Although several people have indicated that they do not experience any problems with this.
      It is recommended to take it at least 10 minutes before breakfast.

  2. Can you mix it with applesauce or something else? My grandson of 7 years old can't drink it. I bought the tasteless one, but he vomits from it.

    1. Yes, you can, but you should preferably use apple sauce without added sugars. Usually applesauce is also free of added sugars.
      All sugars that are naturally present are no problem.

  3. Hello
    I weigh 130 kg
    Is the intake different then
    I have an anxiety/panic/hyperventilation disorder
    I have tried many things and now I have the jar and I am curious what it can do for me.

    1. It could be. It is best to start with 3 capsules. Or 2 for a few days in case you experience some side effects in the beginning. Eventually you could go to 4 capsules if this seems to work better for you.

  4. Hello,

    I would like to try lto3 but I also use St. John's wort daily at the moment.

    Have you investigated whether this drug also affects lto3?
    (Possibly reduced function or solid?)

    St. John's Wort influences many strong medications such as HIV-chemo contraception
    And reduce their effect.

    1. Hello Maud,
      It has never been proven that lto3 is incompatible with St. John's wort. In principle, lto3 can be safely swallowed with all types of medication and other natural remedies. It is best to take lto3 half an hour after the dose. In the case of antidepressants it is recommended to leave at least 2 hours between lto3 and medication.

  5. Hello,

    I have a question, can you combine LTO3 with Omega-3? I recently started using LTO3 for my son (10).

  6. My son is almost 4 and HSP and probably an adhd client, just like me, only I have the combined ADD/ADHD version. By the way, I use regular medication that I feel good with.
    But I don't want that for my son now or in the future. Can you mix LTO with milk products (for example, milk with cereal) or with lemonade? I already have LTO in my house, because I bought it for myself first, no idea if this is the tasteless version. Incidentally, I think 2 supplements a day is a bit much for a 3-year-old weighing 14 kg. I would like your advice. Kind regards, Jennifer

    1. It is not recommended to take LTO3 with milk and sugar. This may hinder the absorption of the active substances. There are people who indicate that they do not experience a lesser effect, but in theory it could be possible.
      It is best to experiment with this yourself. The general guideline is to take the capsules 10 minutes before breakfast. Wait at least 10 minutes after swallowing the capsules before drinking milk. Products with added sugars are best avoided for an hour afterwards. Natural fruit sugars are not a problem.

      1. But natural sugars in e.g. fruit remain sugars. What is the difference? How is it that natural sugars are not a problem and added sugars (= 'empty' carbohydrates) are?

        1. Good question Suzanna,
          SmartVital indicates that it is best not to take any sugar around the intake of LTO3. If you do want to do this, for example because of opening the LTO3 capsules, you can add some fruit juice.
          This seems to work best.
          However, sugars can interfere with the optimal absorption of LTO3.

  7. Hello, I have a question despite reading that there are no known contraindications, I would like to know if I can take it (in the morning) as I am also on thyroid medication (Euthyrox at the moment). This is to know if it affects the action of the medication. Comes pretty accurate. Been overdosed with thyroid medication resulting in many symptoms. Perhaps various reasons: switch from Thyrax to other brand (due to supply problem), menopause, pschych complaints,ADD/HSP?

    1. Good day Elize,
      The best place to ask such questions is with the supplier of lto3. What we can say is that in almost 15 years of lto3's existence, there are no known contraindications with other drugs and medicines.

      1. Hello Eline, it seems to me that you have about the same symptoms as me. Did you take the lto3 with the thyroid medication? I'm currently taking Lthyroxine and am also looking for a remedy to bring more peace to my head. Without making me more tired... Thanks for your response!

  8. Hello. I would like to try this. I am often lazy and chaotic in what I do. I want to do all sorts of things but I just don't succeed. I am easily distracted. In my spare time, I collapse on the sofa in front of the TV or with my phone and another day passes. Now I have heard that you are not allowed to use this if you are breastfeeding. I only breastfeed early in the morning, could I still use them after breastfeeding because the next breastfeed is not until around 10pm?

    1. Hello, Jose,
      Yes, that is fine.
      You can take Lto3 during breast-feeding and pregnancy. However, it is recommended that you always consult your GP because there may be differences in specific situations.

    1. Hello Anne, lto3 is in principle safe to use during breastfeeding and pregnancy but it is always recommended to check with your GP.

  9. Besides ADD, I have celiac disease, is LTO3 gluten free or is the gluten concentration below 20 ppm?

  10. We have been using LTO3 for over 1.5 years with complete satisfaction, but have now noticed a change. Our son is 7.5 years and 24 kg, but his concentration is deteriorating. He also says he is soooo busy. Now we wonder if the dosage can be adjusted.

  11. Hello, I am an HSP and sleep really light, am very much in my head so always thinking and brooding. I want more peace in my head. I am also very anxious and skittish. Could this help?

    1. Hello Patricia,
      Lto3 has been shown to improve sleep for many people. So you can certainly give lto3 a chance if you want to sleep deeper and longer.
      Then take 3 capsules about an hour before going to bed on a stomach that is as empty as possible.

  12. Can the LTO 3 No Taste capsules also be used by swallowing the capsules whole? My son seems to find it easier to swallow the No Taste capsules than if I dissolve the contents. Is the effect just as strong when these no taste capsules are swallowed?

    1. Hello, Laura,
      The lto3 no taste is actually made for people who want to open the capsule. Because a different encapsulation has been used, you will not taste an unpleasant fishy flavour.
      If you can swallow the lto3 capsule, it is better to just take the buy normal lto3.
      Swallowing a lto3 no-taste capsule is not a problem and does not adversely affect its effect.

      1. Hello,

        This time I bought the no-taste version, but now that I am reading this, I regret it. Is the ordinary one stronger?

        Goodbye n.

        1. Hello, The effect is basically the same, although some customers have a preference for one of the two variants. And that is just as often for one variety as for the other. I would just try the No Taste. Then you will know which of the two works best for you.

  13. Can I combine LTO3 with:

    - amitriptyline (a trycycline antidepressant)
    - metoprolol (a selective beta blocker)
    - Rhizatriptanes (attack medication for migraine)


    Thank you very much!

    1. Hello,
      For this, it is always best to consult a doctor and ask the distributor of lto3. They specialise in lto3 and its use.
      What is known is that in over 12 years of using lto3, contraindications with other medicines and supplements have never been known.

  14. Good morning.

    Why does it say on the jar: per 3 capsules 450g of fish oil, and on the overview here: 300g? That is not right. I would like to see the correct amount of active ingredients listed.

    1. Hello Erica,

      Then you have bought the lto3 no taste. This one is tasteless and especially made for people who can't swallow the capsules easily. If you open it and mix it with water, you won't taste a strong fish flavour.
      The operation is otherwise almost the same.

      1. I've been suffering from a unreal feeling and for a few months I took the lto3 tasteless but then I read that it is for mixing with water so I ordered the normal one but now I notice that it works a lot less so I wanted to ask if I should take some more capsules I have three in the morning but can I take two more in the afternoon thanks a lot

        1. You can take extra capsules if you like, Donny. The LTO3 no-taste has basically the same effect but it can sometimes work a little less. That is why the regular LTO3 is recommended. If you really can't swallow the capsules, you can choose the LTO3 no-taste so that you can mix it into something. This can also be mixed with some apple sauce, for example.

  15. I am very happy with LTO3
    It gives me more peace, more self-confidence, I can handle things more easily, it also calms my thinking. I take two tablets in the morning with breakfast. And then another one in the afternoon at about three o'clock.
    I am an adult woman, and had never heard of this natural remedy.
    Because I have an allergy to fish, I am very happy with these tablets as soon as I smell it,
    All praise to LTO 3 ,
    the health insurance should include it in their package.

  16. Does anyone have experience with LTO 3 use for children with ADHD? How do you determine the amount you give daily?

  17. Can you take more than 3 capsules a day? our daughter was doing very well but we feel she is falling back a bit at the moment. she takes 3 capsules before breakfast in the morning. Kind regards, Jessica van den boom

    1. Hi Jessica, this may be a temporary dip. As far as I know you can take a higher dose but to be sure, ask the supplier. You can also take two extra capsules in the afternoon.

      1. Hi,
        So 3 in the morning and before dinner 2 (due to sleep) is not a problem for my 16-year-old son? Or then better 2 in the morning and 1 (or 2) in the evening?

        1. From 45 kg you can take 3 capsules in the morning. You can start with 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening and see how that goes. You can always increase the dose.

  18. Hello,

    Does anyone have experience with regular anti-depressants and Lto3?
    I have add and hsp.
    I take a.d. for my anxieties, etc. Can you possibly use it together, since Lto3 is a natural product?

    1. Hello Marie,
      There have never been any contra reactions in the past 12 years of using lto3.
      But it may be best to consult a doctor.

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