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LTO3 composition and working ingredients

Composition LTO3 capsules

LTO3 Composition: 
The LTO3 supplement consists of capsules with L-Theanine from glutamic acids, natural extracts of fish roe (Sementis*) containing 21 - 31% as antioxidant active marine DNA and Glide (Scutellaria lateriflora - only above ground parts).

L-Theanine, fish roe extract (Sementis), Blue Glide, Pullulan (Capsule), separating agent magnesium stearate. (More information on the effects of these ingredients in LTO3 You will find it further down the page)

Contents 1 jar:
90 capsules = 30.24 g

Expiry date:
(see label)

Active ingredients:


100 g

Per 2 capsules
daily dose

Per 3 capsules
daily dose


29,8 g

200 mg

300 mg


29,8 g

200 mg

300 mg


14,9 g

100 mg

150 mg

What does LTO3 do?

Comprehensive information on how the ingredients in LTO3 work


L-Theanine is an amino acid derived from another amino acid, L-Glutamine, and is 100% pure.

LTO3 composition and product information. Original LTO3 jar.

L-Theanine increases dopamine levels (the neurotransmitter of pleasure and reward) and serotonin levels (the main neurotransmitter inhibitor) in the brain, which are severely reduced in stress and overwork.

L-Theanine easily crosses the haematological-encephalopathic barrier and produces a calming effect in the brain.

L-Theanine protects the brain from neurotoxicity induced by glutamate, which is an important factor in degenerative diseases.

L-Theanine induces relaxation without causing drowsiness, which can be verified by the brain creating more alpha waves. Research shows that this improves the brain's ability to concentrate.

Unlike caffeine, it increases the levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain; GABA is a neurotransmitter that contributes to relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

It is rapidly absorbed by the small intestine and transported directly to the brain. An effective dose is between 50 and 200 mg; it takes only 30 to 40 minutes to feel awake and alert. This mental and emotional state lasts for about 8 to 12 hours.

Fish oil in regular LTO3: Sementis

Sementis is a fish roe extract from atlantic wild herring. It contains large amounts of oceanic DNA (21 to 31%), a powerful antioxidant effective against stress and over-fatigue. Sementis also contains Vitamin C (404+/-150μg/100g), Zinc (10-60μg/100g) and Selenium(0,1-2,0μg/100g) Sementis offers an ideal ratio between Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids (36:1); Omega3 : 28.6%, Omega6 :0.8%. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): 8.3% Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA):20.2%

Fish oil in LTO3 'No Taste': Omega 3-DHA powder(-NG)

LTO3 The 'no taste' capsules have been specially developed for people who have difficulty swallowing. They can easily be opened and mixed with something liquid. The advantage is that you will not experience any unpleasant side effects.

The Omega 3-DHA powder(-NG) is encapsulated in microscopic capsules, thus preserving the active elements EPA and DHA, the properties of the fish oil and the purest and best source of Omega 3, while leaving the typical taste and fishy odour with little or no effect. Omega 3-DHA powder(-NG) is a fish oil extract from tuna from ecological fisheries, of the highest quality and purity. Guaranteed without heavy metals or toxins.

Blue Glide (Scutellaria Lateriflora)

The Blue Wort in the capsules serves to support the nervous system and to reduce stress, fears, nervousness and tensions, also in cases of psychological strain. It has a calming effect on physical restlessness.

Dosage LTO3

The recommended dosage of LTO3 goes with body weight

Up to and including 45 kg: 2 capsules in the morning at least 10 minutes before breakfast.
Over 45 kg: 3 capsules in the morning at least 10 minutes before breakfast.

The effect of LTO3 can be felt within 30 to 40 minutes and lasts for 8 to 12 hours.

Please note:
Most people see results immediately on the first day(s), but in some cases it may take several weeks before you notice a positive effect. Be patient and give your body time to get used to LTO3. Remember that LTO3 is a natural product and does not work in the same way as pharmaceuticals. Only after 2 months can conclusions be drawn about the effect of LTO3 and the best dosage. In less than 5% of cases, LTO3 has no effect.

For lto3 experiences you can here rightly so.

View our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about LTO3.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    We already take fish oil 50% epa and 25% dha. Can we keep taking that alongside LTO3, or will we get too much fish oil?
    And we take a vitamin supplement for teenagers. Can that stay alongside it too?

    Would like to spar with someone who understands this.

    1. Dear Hanneke,
      You won't quickly get too much from fish oil. You can keep taking that alongside it. You can also keep taking the vitamin.

  2. Hello,
    It says take before breakfast, but I don't have breakfast.
    10am often fruit and then lunch.
    Then how to take it?

    1. Hi Sabrina,
      If you do not eat breakfast, this is not a problem. This is only beneficial for optimal absorption of LTO3. To maximise absorption, it is advised to take it a bit more liberally before meals.

  3. Can you also take these drugs alongside ritalin? To keep tolerance high and use lto3 as extra support, without having to take higher doses of Ritalin for it

    Greetings Kamiel

  4. Good morning. It is recommended not to have breakfast with milk product due to the absorption of lto3.
    Is the inhibiting effect a result of the protein or the calcium? I breakfast on oatmeal with plant-based milk substitute, which does have Calcium added.
    I'd love to read it, Marlies

    1. Plant-based milk substitutes do not have the mucus-forming effect of cow's milk (products), creating a very thin layer of mucus on the stomach wall that can hinder absorption.
      It certainly won't be because of the calcium.

  5. I take 3 capsules every morning for my add symptoms, this works very well for me and I really notice improvement. In the evening I notice that the restlessness in my body returns. Can I take 3 capsules again in the evening?

    1. Sure, that's done a lot. The effect of LTO3 lasts for about 10 hours, so should you also want an evening effect or better sleep, you can take another dose for that. Often, 2 is sufficient.

  6. hello, my son 9 years old has been taking LTO3 no taste 2 pills in the morning before breakfast for six months now. He is under 45 kg. but can he also take 3 pills to make it a little stronger or is that too much? regards Aline

  7. yes even with this you cannot absorb the b12,
    So you have that with everything therefore inject ,
    with ampoules shots problem ,
    definitely spray once a week .

  8. Hello,
    I have been taking 3 capsules in the morning for 2 weeks. I really feel wonderful. Peace in my head and happier. Yet sometimes I still lie awake at night. Now I took 1 lto3 late last night because I couldn't get to sleep and this worked really well! My question now is, am I not taking too much? Because I don't really want to lower that dose of 3 in the morning. Thanks in advance for the answer!

  9. I am a huge HSP and started taking these supplements on Wednesday. I felt much more at peace and my friend said that "the sharp edges are off". I noticed that too. Sunday I was extremely depressed and didn't feel much and got irritated easily. I didn't take anything on Sunday and today on Monday and I am doing a little better. It is clearly a powerful supplement and I am curious what happens with a lower dose (I took two in the morning and one in the evening). So side effects can be there with the wrong dosage.

    1. Dear Shanti, it is indeed the case that highly sensitive people sometimes experience side effects in the beginning. Almost always of short duration. It is then recommended to lower the dosage to 1 capsule or sometimes even only half a capsule and to keep this up for a while before switching to 2 and eventually the regular dosage of 3 capsules. You can read more about it in our FAQ - What is the best LTO3 dosage? or in the FAQ question Does LTO3 have any side effects?

  10. The supplement works very well for me! Fit, more focus. Unfortunately, it can make me more irritable, because my energy level is very high and this gives me more room to deal with my emotions (in my opinion), because of my add symptoms. This is the reason why I stopped, which I regret, because otherwise it worked very well. Now I want to start again, to regain my focus and self-confidence. Do you recommend a lower dose? Do you have any other tips? Have others had this experience?

  11. I am highly sensitive, I have cvs-me and fybromyalgia, I would like to try this medicine but it says that it is absorbed by the small intestine. Now I have been operated on my intestines, 15 cm from the end of the small intestine and a small piece of the large intestine, where the b12 is also absorbed and therefore no longer works for me. Is this also the case with this medicine?

    1. The best place to ask this question is at SmartVital. They are the official distributor of LTO3 and are in direct contact with the manufacturer.

  12. I generally suffer from headaches. Since I started taking Lto3, I no longer have any. Now I have stopped taking it for a few days and my headaches are back again. Does anyone recognise this? And could it be that lto3 has an ingredient that takes away these headaches? It was not because of the headaches that I took lto3. So it would be a nice bonus.
    The fact that I stopped has to do with a medical examination, not with the effect.

  13. Hello, I have ordered a jar. I am hopeful and would be very
    Being happy with a bit more peace in head and body. Now ADD often goes hand in hand with addictions and in my case those are eating binges (sweets, sugars). I have found that for me this gives a moment of rest when
    My head is full of thoughts and everything that I still 'have to do' as a mother of 3 children and a job in education. Can LTO3 help to reduce these binges so that I can really focus on a healthier lifestyle, for example?
    I am curious to know whether people have experience with this.

    1. hey judith i am also addiction sensitive maybe we can get in touch i want to try lto too....

  14. Good morning,
    Can this product also be used to treat various menopause problems, such as mood swings? Regards M

  15. Hello, I would like to know if you take three lto capsules in the morning and eat them in the evening, can I just take the fish oil that I have been taking for years?

  16. Hello, my 7 year old son has been taking 2 No Taste capsules for a week now. Because of ADD.
    We open it and take the powder with water. We think it has a positive effect on his behaviour. He only suffers physically, no appetite for the whole week and diarrhoea, can this be a side effect?

  17. Hello, I would also like to use this drug. But if I want to sleep better at night, do I have to take a capsule in the evening as well? I make too much cortisol and have a lot of stress and anxiety in my body and head. I don't want any antidepressants or sleeping pills because of the side effects and addiction to them. What about lto3? Can you stop taking it at any time, or do you have to cut it down, or do you stop taking it and are you stuck with it forever?

    1. Hello Femke,
      Lto3 can indeed support sleep. It is best to take 2 or 3 capsules in the evening one hour before you go to bed on an empty stomach. Lto3 is not addictive and you can stop taking it without cutting back. Any complaints that lto3 made disappear can of course return.

  18. My daughter (14 years old and in any case a HSP) has been taking it for two days with more peace in her head and a little less tension as an effect. At night, however, she is still very tense because that is when it wears off. So she stays in a little circle of not sleeping enough, which doesn't help her to recover from her overstrain/panic feeling.
    Can she take an extra dose before going to bed? For example, after dinner at 8 o'clock? And if so, how many capsules?

    1. Day Carina, you can give your child lto3 at the end of the afternoon or beginning of the evening for a better night's sleep. You can then give 1 capsule less than the normal dose. For a stronger effect you can give an extra capsule. With this you can see for yourself what the best effect is.

    1. Hello Kim, there are no indications that LTO3 can have a negative influence on contraception. Nor have there been any side effects reported in 15 years.

  19. Hello,

    Can you also take this if you want to become pregnant? I have adhd and am highly sensitive and would like to try it. But I'm trying to get pregnant, so I can't take Ritalin. So I am not allowed to take it. Hence my question.

    1. Day Laura, you can take lto3 during pregnancy or if you want to become pregnant without any problems. It is generally recommended that you consult with your GP.

  20. Hello I am a 45 year old man. I take daily HIV inhibitors (Kaletra and Truvada) and I would like to try LTO3 against my adhd symptoms. Is it possible to combine this? And if so which dose would you recommend? Does lto3 have any effect on the libido?
    Thank you in advance, I look forward to your reply!

    Kind regards

    1. Day Sergie, LTO3 has no side effects on libido. Some people report that it has given them a better libido. This could be due to the relaxing effect that LTO3 also has. With regard to the medication you are taking, it is best to consult your GP. There are no known contraindications, but be sure.

      1. My 9-year-old son has been taking LTO3 for a few months. This is because he has difficulty concentrating at school. The first week after starting, his restlessness at school increased. But after that week, his teachers saw a clear improvement in his concentration. He himself says his head is calmer.
        So glad we tried LTO3 and it seems to be having an effect!

        1. How nice Sophie that the LTO3 is doing its job for your son.
          Sometimes LTO3 causes a somewhat dazed effect or other (mild) side effects for the first few days to indeed sometimes 1 or 2 weeks.
          This is actually an indication that the LTO3 is catching on well and starting to do its job, just like with you.
          This is usually the case with highly sensitive people.
          It may therefore help to reduce the dose to 1, or even half a capsule for a while and build up slowly.

  21. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Some brands of LTO3 appear to contain not only the indicated ingredients but also gingko biloba.
    This is not always clearly indicated.
    Does your preparation include gingko biloba?


    1. Hello Elina, due to the great success of LTO3 from Herb-e-Concept many imitation products have been put on the market. However, these are not comparable because of different quality of ingredients and/or composition. The high quality like that of Sementis is not applied in other brands.

  22. Hello, I would like to ask you the following question. My wife of 71 years has been severely depressed during the winter period for about five to six years.
    clomiparin 75 % my question is if your product LTO 3 can be taken at 3 clomies a day. We got your product from an elderly lady about eight to try it out. we want to know before it is used if it can with doctor's medicine. I thank you for reading this , and will wait for your reply before using .

    1. Hello Agaath, there are no known contraindications with this medication. However, we can really advise you to discuss this with your treating physician.

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